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An English Astronomer namely Sir WM Herschel discovered infrared in 1800. Using a thermometer to measure the heat of sunlight diffused through a prism, he discovered that, whereas blue light carried the least heat, the temperature on the thermometer rises as the color changes to the red spectrum. It was actually beyond the red spectrum that the highest temperature was reached the infrared spectrum. Today's scientists know that it is through this range of infrared or "invisible" light waves, that we receive over 50% of the sun's energy.


In the late 1950's Roberts-Gordon pioneered the concept of gas-fired infrared radiant tube heating which simulates the direct rays of the sun. This principle results in substantial fuel economy. Infrared radiant heat energy is directed downward to the occupants, the floor and building contents, warming them without warming the ceiling or the air. Air heating then occurs by convection from the floor and the objects warmed by the infrared. This gas-fired, infrared, radiant tube principle of heating is one of the most economical and the most comfortable heating methods available today.

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